All prices are in US dollar. More information available in our Terms and Conditions
Base Services
Membership fee FREE
Receive package $20
Return package $25 + shipping fee
Trash package FREE
Warehouse Storage
Free storage 30 days
Overdue storage $1 / day
Storage limit 18 cubic feet
Photo of Packages
Photo request $1 / photo
Additional Services
Consolidation from $1 / package *
Repacking from $1 / package *
Optional Services
Invoice removal $1
Price tag removal $2
Security Services
Extra bubble wrap $2
Fragile sticker $1
Security tape $1
Strapping box $1
Heavy duty box $3
Personal Shopper
Purchase online 5% of purchase + fees **
Custom Services
Available upon request. Fees will be determined using common sense and based on the amount of work needed to fulfill your request
* Consolidation/Repacking fee is calculated based on the amount of work needed. Larger boxes will require more work, thus extra charge.
** Personal shopper does not include bank transfer banking fees, sales tax, shipping and any additional costs